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Glass Scratch Removal


Why choose to repair scratched glass?

  • Glass repair is cost effective. Repairing scratched glass can potentially save you hundreds of Euros compared to replacement.
  • Glass scratch removal is fast and easy. You don’t have to wait for new glass to be ordered, shipped and installed. The damage can be fixed right away!
  • Glass scratch removal provides a great looking result. You will be amazed! 
  • Glass Scratch Removal can repair even the harshest damage from all types of glass, from light rubs to deeper scratches that catch your fingernail. They can also remove hard water spots, acid etching, welding slag, paint over spray and other imperfections. 
  • Glass repair can help save the environment. Did you know that most glass is not recycled? 
  • Repair your damaged glass and keep it out of our landfills

Why choose GlasWeld products to scratch repair?

GlasWeld’s unique scratch repair polishing system, G-Force, is able to produce distortion free results with no optical deviation or visibility distortion.

The G-Force product can help with - glass scratch repair, glass graffiti removal, acid burn removal, weld splatter removal, grinder splatter removal, rebuild damaged glass, repair cracked glass, repair chipped glass, window filming and much more..... 

How our scratch repair products work

G-Force: The Scratch Repair System

  • ‘G Force’ , combines the speed of a high torque sander-type drill, a specially developed dimpled pad and a non toxic compound as the medium to create movement and flow of the molecules of glass to refill the void caused by the scratch. During the process, the void fills from the bottom, so the width of the scratch remains the same until the last seconds of the process, whereas the depth has changed from a damage you can ‘catch your nail in’ - to a slight graze on the surface.
  • The system will work on any depth of scratch. The only element to consider is whether it is cost effective in terms of time, compared with replacement.
  • The G Force works particularly well on removing ‘glass on glass’ damage caused in handling and distribution, and is used by many major glass wholesalers throughout Europe, where the distortion free element is critical for windscreens. It also effectively removes ‘metal on glass’ damage caused by paint scrapers, windscreen wipers and Brillo pads or sandpaper.
  • G-Force can remove scratches up to .004” deep in windscreens, mirrors, annealed, plate and even tempered glass, curved or flat.
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