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Headlight Restoration


Why choose to restore your headlights?

All vehicle headlight enclosures come from the factory with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ultra violet protective coating.

Every Gfusion windshield repair resin has been independently tested for tensile strength, luminous transmittance and colour stability. GlasWeld’s Gfusion Windshield Repair Resins have been formulated to perfectly match different temperature and break combinations. GlasWeld invented tinted windshield repair resins.

These OEM enclosures are polymer based, as is the coating, and they are bonded together prior to installation under intense UV light to assure an optically clear, durable and long lasting life.

However, over time, Mother Nature’s natural sunlight will cause the headlight lens to slowly oxidize and turn cloudy, or discoloured, producing not just a poor cosmetic appearance, but actually restricting the brightness of the headlamps. Please be aware that this discoloration process is climate related and the lens may last much longer in an area with little intense sunlight.  When this occurs there are really only two options; replacement or restoration.

Headlight restoration is a very cost effective solution, it’s environmentally smart by keeping the old headlights out of our landfills, and it offers you, the service provider, an exceptional profit opportunity for your business. 

Why choose GlasWeld products to restore your headlights?

GlasWeld’s Gclear Headlight Restoration Kits return headlights to like-new condition with a quality OEM UV Hard Coat that is cured with an equally excellent UV Curing Light.

Our UV Hard Coat has been developed with a respected automotive OEM supplier; and, when used with our frequency-tuned UV Curing Light, provides a clear, bright, durable, long-lasting finish that exceeds OEM standards. This is significant in that the lens will stay clear for several years, while lesser quality coatings, and those coatings that are not properly cured, will break down and begin to yellow in a matter of months.

How our headlight restoration product work

The Gclear Headlight Restoration Process is simple:  Clear. Coat. Cure.

The Gclear Headlight Restoration Process is a quick and easy three-step process.

  1. Clear. Completely remove oxidized coating from headlight, clean and sanitize the surface.
  2. Coat. Apply GlasWeld’s OEM UV Hard Coat.
  3. Cure. Cure with our proprietary UV Curing Light for a hard, durable long lasting finish.

The Gclear Headlight Restoration Kit:

  • Exceeds OEM standards for headlamp UV coatings.
  • Offers a quick and simple restoration process.
  • Includes an easy to apply aerosol OEM UV Hard Coat.
  • Thoroughly cures the coating with a proprietary UV Curing Light.
  • Each can of UV Hard Coat restores up to 12 sets of headlights.
  • Feature an OEM quality solution to the two fold problem of scratch resistance and UV protection.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art UV curing technology for a fast and durable, fully cross-linked polymer finish for a clear and long lasting headlight repair.
  • Provide fast curing times with a safe UVA curing light and quick flash UV Hard Coat.
  • Offer a brilliant, streak-free finish that is easily applied with a simple aerosol process.
  • Our Professional Grade Kit comes with enough supplies to restore 20 or more headlight lens, and an orbital sander for and easier and faster removal of the headlight coating.
  • The Essential Kit comes with a hand sanding block and the basic tools needed to perform headlight restoration on 10 or more vehicles. 
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