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Why choose to windshield repair?

Windshield Repair saves glass, time and money.

  • If you have a rock chip in your windshield, repair should be your first choice whenever possible. 
  • Repairing your windshield costs much less than the cost of replacement.
  • It saves time! The windshield repair process is fast and can be performed while you wait.
  • Windshield repair is accepted and endorsed by most insurance companies.
  • Windshield repair prevents the damage from spreading and retains the original factory bond of the windshield.
  • Repairing your windshield helps save the environment by keeping non-recyclable glass out of our landfills.
  • And, last but not least, windshield repair provides a great looking result!

Why choose GlasWeld products for windshield repair?

Since 1982, GlasWeld has set the standard for windshield repair resins.

Every Gfusion windshield repair resin has been independently tested for tensile strength, luminous transmittance and colour stability. GlasWeld’s Gfusion Windshield Repair Resins have been formulated to perfectly match different temperature and break combinations. GlasWeld invented tinted windshield repair resins. 

GlasWeld’s G3fusion™ windshield repair resins are:

  • Scientifically formulated to ensure clarity, quality and strength.
  • Independently tested to meet and exceed national and international industry standards.
  • Repair Association), BSI (British Standards Institution).
  • Formulated to perfectly match different temperature and break combinations.
  • Developed to work seamlessly with the components of all GlasWeld windshield repair kits.
  • Available in a variety of tints and viscosities for every kind of damage.

How our windshield repair products work

G3fusion™ windshield repair kit

The G3fusion Windshield Repair Kit’s integrated tools work together to produce the strongest, fastest repairs possible while allowing you to easily exceed current industry standards - and customer expectations.

The G3 ProVac™ injector gives you the ability to provide stronger, permanent windshield repairs—in any climate or situation.

  • Utilizes ProVac technology—the ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair process (vacuum and pressure cycles)
  • Removes air and moisture from damage and PVB interlayer (laminate)
  • Self-contained and operates without external pumps and hoses
  • Injects resin without the presence of air or moisture
  • Only one moving part in excess of the piston and body
  • Tested to perform to NWRA and U.S. ANSI standards for the repair of laminated auto glass
  • Stainless steel and designed to work for a lifetime

The ecoVac windshield repair kit

  • The ecoVac windshield repair injector utilizes ProVac technology—the ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair process (vacuum and pressure cycles).
  • It provides the maximum vacuum possible—28 inches at sea level. It also uses less resin per windshield repair than competitive products—only 4 drops per repair!
  • The ecoVac windshield repair kit was designed for efficiency with less waste in production and fewer moving parts, improving ease of use and longevity of life. The ecoVac injector is manufactured in solid stainless steel for a lifetime of durability.
  • The ecoVac windshield repair kit is the ecological way to help reduce glass waste. Windshield repair keeps glass out of landfills and saves energy in the production of new windshields. 

ProCur2 UV Curing Light

This windshield repair curing lamp is specifically designed to work with the G3 ProVac. The 360-degree design delivers UV light at the exact strength and wave length necessary to cure windshield repair resin fully, evenly and quickly. 

The ProCur2 cures in less than a minute and can accommodate input from 10 to 30 volts. It has an extremely low power draw and the LED bulb technology lasts more than 10,000 hours. Now you can cure resin very quickly and you don’t need to worry about replacing bulbs.

The ProCur2 has a solid, durable machined and anodized aluminium housing and its electronic circuitry eliminates the need for a ballast.

  • 360˚ cure in less than one minute
  • LED technology lasts 10,000+ hours
  • No bulbs to change!
  • Electronic circuitry —no ballast
  • Accepts input from 10 to 30 volts DC
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum housing
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